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St. Thomas School has the distinction of being accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Accreditation is an evaluation of a school to confirm that it is a school of excellence. To be accredited means that St. Thomas applied to the NEASC and agreed to have the school and all of its programs and policies reviewed in light of their standards.  This evaluation began with the school and all its members performing a self-study of every aspect of the school. We analyzed and demonstrated how we meet each of the 15 NEASC standards or proposed methods to do so.  All the faculty and staff, students and parents, members of the School and PTO Boards, Development Council, members of the community at large, past students and their parents  participated in the process.

A comprehensive report was generated reflecting how the standards were met or our plans to meet the standards in the near future. This report was submitted to the NEASC Commission and accepted.  They then sent a delegation of seven educational professionals to live with us for three (3) days and to observe every aspect of the school, to interview all the people mentioned, to review all of the documentation that demonstrates our policies and curricula and then made a report and recommendations to the commission.

On December 6, 2007, St. Thomas was declared “accredited.”  Although the accreditation is for a ten (10) year period, there are interim reports to be submitted on progress with objectives to be met and reports on how our self-study is continuing to guarantee ongoing progress. In 2009, we submitted our Two Year Report which was accepted with commendations.  Our next report will be the Five Year report in 2012.

It is one thing for us to claim to be a school of excellence but quite another to have an outside agency carefully review and examine our claim and affirm it. It is for this reason that St. Thomas School is proud to say that we are accredited by the NEASC.

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"We are about to send our third child to St. Thomas and couldn't be happier with the school.  We think of St. Thomas as family where our children have friends in every grade, mostly due to the "Book Buddy" program.  Respect, the importance of education, a strong sense of community, and the presence of God in our lives are all promoted throughout the school and in the classrooms.  The experience and education our children gain, while attending St. Thomas School, will always stay with them."

                      Julie K.